Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bored at Work? Try These Out

Yes! there are days at office when the work just keeps pilling in but there are also times when you just can't seem to pass time. The option of using Facebook and Twitter are there but with time their presence weavers away.

Well friends, when times like this come your way do try giving the following sites a try as well, i assure you that they will not let you down. 


Reddit is a paradise for those who suffer from extreme boredom at work, this site is so addictive that many employers in the US had to specifically shut it down in their offices.  

Though the first impression of this site may make you think that its just a worthless piece of shit but once you indulge into it, well you just don’t stop reading.

It serves as a social news site which has tons of subcategories my favorite ones being Ask Reddit  TODAYILEARNED, WTF, Soccer……. The list just goes on.

You can sign up here quite easily and indulge in up voting stories, debates, comments etc. visit Reddit.

Yes this is America's no.1 crack site, and trust me when you go through it you will be rolling around in laughter.

The site has several categories on which it offers top 10 lists write ups, my personal favorite list is:
8 Simple Questions you won’t believe Science Can’t Answer.

I Waste So Much Time

The clock just does not seem to strike six in your office and you have tried about everything to pass time, well give this site a try to pass the last couple of hours and I assure you your Boss will be happy with the fact that you are giving extra time.

This a major addictive site which includes funny gifs, messages, pictures and stuff like that which you just want to keep on going through, till the end.  

If you are not into reading then this site is the best option. 

Don’t know about you, but I am a big Harry Potter fan. Have read all the books (a countless number of times), watched all the movies and now am a Fan of Pottermore, which is a site run and managed by Rowling herself.

Here you get to relive all the years Harry spent at Hogwarts and in the muggle world with the author offering more insight about different characters and events. 

The site is fully Flash operated, which truly leaves you mesmerized. You can Sign up for it here: Potttermore

Monday, 16 July 2012

Macaroni Baked with Chicken

Majority of us have tasted Macaroni's sometime or the other either with chicken, beef or just plain but I am sure that you really love the dish.

Sometime back while our whole family were there for dinner at my cousins place, I had the honour of tasting one of best macaroni baked with chicken dishes ever.

It has this enticing yellowish golden colour which stormed the entire room with it's rich cheesy aroma, if it smelt so good how would it taste? and without any hesitation, i served my self a plate full.

The taste was magnificent with the different flavours just captivating my mouth (the thought of it alone gets my mouth all watering)

This dish was cooked by my cousin who after my aunt I reckon as the best cook in the World :)

I have no idea how many of you out there are fond of macaroni baked with chicken but the secret recipe is here to share.

Macaroni Baked with Chicken Recipe

  • boneless chicken pieces
  • 1 packet of elbow macaroni
  • spring onions, cabbage, capsicum (amount optional) 
  • 1 cup corn
  • 100gms Maida (flour) 
  • 100gms butter
  • 250ml milk
  • 250gms cheese (for every 1 packet of macaroni)
  • pepper and salt (to taste)
  • red chilli (one or two)

Marinate the chicken pieces with tikka or tandoori masala and fry it in a little oil. While doing this also boil the macaroni's and if you are adding veggies (i usually just use corn), once done keep them aside.

After this i prepare a white sauce which is made out of a mixture of Maida (flour), butter and milk.

You take the 100gms butter and heat it in the pan for a while, once melted you add the 100gms maida (flour) and fry it on a slow fire in the butter.

Once they both are mixed and fried good enough very slowly add the 250ml of milk. Keep stirring all this while so the mixture may remain smooth and not have lumps.

Once mixed then add some pepper and salt and crushed red chillies. After all this make the 250gms cheese slab in 2 and add half in the sauce (the rest can be used to garnish the top with a layer of cheese). 

On completing the sauce add the macaroni's, chicken and whatever vegetables you have used to it and mix well. Remove the mix in a baking tray and bake till the cheese on the top starts to melt. Evviva!!! 

la maccheroni acquolina in bocca e formaggio รจ pronto


Ramadan Cricket Tournament

Traffic jammed roads, mouth watering aroma of freshly fried pakroas and samosa’s, half day of work; these are some of the things which makes the month of Ramadan quite unique.

Being a non-Muslim, I enjoy all these things to the fullest but what gets me totally captivated is the 8 a side cricket tournament in my parish.

This year about 24 teams are taking part in the tournament and for the first time i have put in a team as a captain.

The entire tournament is going to be quite competitive with the defending champions from St. Johns Parish in pursuit to retain the trophy, while teams from St. Patrick’s Cathedral forming several strong teams to lift the cup this year.

But all cannot be taken from the home teams who are full of zeal this year to get the cup back.
It is going to be an entertaining experience filled with excitement and competition. All I have to say in the end is “May the Best Team Win”         

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Confirmation Class of 2011-2012

Confirmation one of the sacraments of Christian initiation which bestows on us the gifts of the Holy Spirit
On the 26th of this month a 2 year journey will come to an end when the children of Our Lady of Fatima Parish will receive confirmation and become true witness of Christ love.

I was quite surprised when my parish priest handed me the charge to prepare these kids for confirmation and in truth this experience has been of great help to me.

Time has passed away quite fast and it’s difficult to digest the fact that after 2 weeks we will not be meeting every Sunday for class after the 9:00 am mass.

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful kids whom God has given me the privilege to educate. I pray that in this time of preparation for their confirmation, all of them may pray and ask God to help them grow both in faith and love.

My best wishes to all of you guys :-)

Aaron Lobo -Adam Fernandes -Alroy Gillon -Alvin lobo -Andrea Nicole Mathew - Blake Espinheiro Bradley Jake D'souza - Brenan Lobo - Brandon Chapel - Calvin D'souza - Celeste D'souza - Celine Wilson Christine Francesca Libby D'costa - Crystal Rocha - Caitlyan D'cruz - Demitrius Philip Francis - Dillon D'cruz - Dwayne Moscrop - Denzil Pereira - Edwin Lobo - Elton Paul - Fawnette D'lima - Francisca Wilson - Javeria Sohail - Joshua Alphonso - Joyanne Thomas - Jason Thomas - Jomanda Fernandes - Kevin Alphonso - Kyna Stella Lobes - Leon Fabian - Leslie Moses - Malcom D'souza - Naomi Ilias - Paul Matthews - Rahub Ilias - Racheal Ilias - Rebecca Sohail - Rochelle Fernandes - Rhea D'souza  - Romanda Fernandes - Rowena D'souza - Sarah Rangel -  Sasha Preira - Sharron Bhatti - Shanida Mathews - Sheena Veronica D'souza - Sherwin D'souza - Stanley D'souza - Stephanie D'souza - Stephen D'silva - Stephane Lobes - Tasha Fernandes - Zebalda Solomon - Zach Gillon  

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Season Of Lent

Ash Wednesday  - Repent and Believe in The Gospel

The season of lent has a very deep impact in the life of every Christian, helping them to fight their day to day temptations through prayer, fasting and alms giving. These are by far the greatest graces which God gives us all so that we can see his love for us and turn back to him.
Every year the Lenten season starts off with Ash Wednesday which comes to remind each one of us to humble ourselves as our time on this earth is for an indefinite period.

In this post I have just answered a few questions which usually spark up in a person’s mind about Ash Wednesday, along with some resources which will help you make this lent of yours pass with prayers and fasting.

Just to inform you all, I am no theologian or priest but have some knowledge about my religion and hence am sharing it here with all my Christian brothers and sisters. You’re invited to read this post even if you are not a catholic.

Roots of Ash Wednesday

The implication of ashes is not something which was invented newly by the church but was a ceremony observed ages back by Christians, where on this particular day the hair shirts of the people who had committed grave sins were blessed and ashes were sprinkled upon them made from the palms of the previous year.

The penitents were then turned out of the church who in turn asked the faithful to pray for them during the forty days of lent. These penitents were later admitted into the church on Maundy Thursday having won reconciliation through sacramental absolution, prayer and fasting.    

Q: When does Ash Wednesday Usually Fall?
A: Ash Wednesday is a movable fast. It does not have any fixed date but is always held 46 days before Easter.

Q: Where do the Ashes Come From?
A: The ashes are usually acquired through the burning of the palms of previous years palm Sunday celebration which is then blessed with holy water and scented with incense.

What Can You Do this Lent?

  • Make alms giving a part of your life, where your right hand does not know what the left hand does and vice versa.

  • As parents encourage your children to reflect on the penance they are going to make this year in lent, parents you can be a prime example to them you can give up (TV, movies, lavish foods etc) as a full family as well.

  • Do what is just and have patience with whatever we do; if we are patient with things it automatically humbles us.
Want to know where there are forty days of fasting?

Do let me know how you found my post and guys all your views and suggestions are always welcome. Please feel free to share this post with your friends as well. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Valentines Day Lesson

The 14th of Feb!!! The day when the guys are off a budget constraint, the girls are flying everywhere, roses prices go rocketing up the air and i am confused as what to wear.

At the start of every year when this big day is on its arrival i am always in this great dilemma as what to gift my girlfriend. Seriously if during my examinations my mind would have functioned so much i would have not landed up giving supplies this year.

This post is not about me coming to a conclusion as what to gift my girl but on the other hand I wanted to share an incident which happened last year on Valentines Day when i was facing a similar situation.

359 Days Ago

It was the 14th of Feb 2011 and once again like every year i did not know what to gift my girlfriend thus i decided to take her out for dinner to KBC (stop judging me ok). :P

We headed for dinner at about eight and ordered what would satisfy our tummies the most. Like us there were many other couples already present out there celebrating the day but amongst them i noticed a table which just did not fit in the atmosphere.

There was a full family present there and what seemed to me was that the daughter was celebrating Valentines Day with her mum, dad and other siblings. 
The sight of them just brought a smile to my face and got me to realize that this day is not only important for my girlfriend but also for all the other people who are a part of my life and make me feel special in some way or the other.

Current Day 

Coming back to the present day i made up my mind that no matter what i gift my girlfriend, I’ll make sure to
wish everyone on the 14th  a Happy Valentine’s Day and not by just mere words but as a promise to love them as friends, brothers and sisters, community members etc for the rest of the year.

My question for all you people out there is that, How do you plan on Spending your Valentines Day. 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dhal Chawal

After a tiring day of cricket I enter my house and the first thing I ask my mum is, mom what’s cooked for lunch? The reply makes my mouth water and flow like the Indus River…. Beta (son) Dhal (pulse) Chawal (rice) pappard (kind of snack) fry!!

For those of you who have not tasted this glorious dish which even the angels cherish, you guys are missing out on something eternal and i mean it.
Traditionally the origin of this dish is from South Asia and in countries such as India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan Dhal Chawal is part of the everyday diet of people.

The Chawal (rice) used is simple boiled rice but different variations appear in the dhal (pulse), which can be boiled or else cooked with some kick ass spices, often people use different kinds of pulses as well the most famous being:
  • Mung ki dhal
  • Masoor ki dhal
  • Chane ki dhal
  • Mash ki dhal
There are some certain side dishes which go along with this dish as well such as you can have it with pickle, personally my favorites are the gajar ki achar (carrot pickle) and aam ki achar (mango pickle).
Fish lovers also have fried fish with Dhal Chawal or else pappard fry which is a kind of rice snack that is easily available in the market.

For those of you who think having pulses are boring well then you need to give this dish a try as it's surely going to become a favorite of yours. Those of you who have already tried this dish then leave your comments about it here. Will love to hear them. :)