Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Valentines Day Lesson

The 14th of Feb!!! The day when the guys are off a budget constraint, the girls are flying everywhere, roses prices go rocketing up the air and i am confused as what to wear.

At the start of every year when this big day is on its arrival i am always in this great dilemma as what to gift my girlfriend. Seriously if during my examinations my mind would have functioned so much i would have not landed up giving supplies this year.

This post is not about me coming to a conclusion as what to gift my girl but on the other hand I wanted to share an incident which happened last year on Valentines Day when i was facing a similar situation.

359 Days Ago

It was the 14th of Feb 2011 and once again like every year i did not know what to gift my girlfriend thus i decided to take her out for dinner to KBC (stop judging me ok). :P

We headed for dinner at about eight and ordered what would satisfy our tummies the most. Like us there were many other couples already present out there celebrating the day but amongst them i noticed a table which just did not fit in the atmosphere.

There was a full family present there and what seemed to me was that the daughter was celebrating Valentines Day with her mum, dad and other siblings. 
The sight of them just brought a smile to my face and got me to realize that this day is not only important for my girlfriend but also for all the other people who are a part of my life and make me feel special in some way or the other.

Current Day 

Coming back to the present day i made up my mind that no matter what i gift my girlfriend, I’ll make sure to
wish everyone on the 14th  a Happy Valentine’s Day and not by just mere words but as a promise to love them as friends, brothers and sisters, community members etc for the rest of the year.

My question for all you people out there is that, How do you plan on Spending your Valentines Day. 

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