Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Confirmation Class of 2011-2012

Confirmation one of the sacraments of Christian initiation which bestows on us the gifts of the Holy Spirit
On the 26th of this month a 2 year journey will come to an end when the children of Our Lady of Fatima Parish will receive confirmation and become true witness of Christ love.

I was quite surprised when my parish priest handed me the charge to prepare these kids for confirmation and in truth this experience has been of great help to me.

Time has passed away quite fast and it’s difficult to digest the fact that after 2 weeks we will not be meeting every Sunday for class after the 9:00 am mass.

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful kids whom God has given me the privilege to educate. I pray that in this time of preparation for their confirmation, all of them may pray and ask God to help them grow both in faith and love.

My best wishes to all of you guys :-)

Aaron Lobo -Adam Fernandes -Alroy Gillon -Alvin lobo -Andrea Nicole Mathew - Blake Espinheiro Bradley Jake D'souza - Brenan Lobo - Brandon Chapel - Calvin D'souza - Celeste D'souza - Celine Wilson Christine Francesca Libby D'costa - Crystal Rocha - Caitlyan D'cruz - Demitrius Philip Francis - Dillon D'cruz - Dwayne Moscrop - Denzil Pereira - Edwin Lobo - Elton Paul - Fawnette D'lima - Francisca Wilson - Javeria Sohail - Joshua Alphonso - Joyanne Thomas - Jason Thomas - Jomanda Fernandes - Kevin Alphonso - Kyna Stella Lobes - Leon Fabian - Leslie Moses - Malcom D'souza - Naomi Ilias - Paul Matthews - Rahub Ilias - Racheal Ilias - Rebecca Sohail - Rochelle Fernandes - Rhea D'souza  - Romanda Fernandes - Rowena D'souza - Sarah Rangel -  Sasha Preira - Sharron Bhatti - Shanida Mathews - Sheena Veronica D'souza - Sherwin D'souza - Stanley D'souza - Stephanie D'souza - Stephen D'silva - Stephane Lobes - Tasha Fernandes - Zebalda Solomon - Zach Gillon