Monday, 16 July 2012

Macaroni Baked with Chicken

Majority of us have tasted Macaroni's sometime or the other either with chicken, beef or just plain but I am sure that you really love the dish.

Sometime back while our whole family were there for dinner at my cousins place, I had the honour of tasting one of best macaroni baked with chicken dishes ever.

It has this enticing yellowish golden colour which stormed the entire room with it's rich cheesy aroma, if it smelt so good how would it taste? and without any hesitation, i served my self a plate full.

The taste was magnificent with the different flavours just captivating my mouth (the thought of it alone gets my mouth all watering)

This dish was cooked by my cousin who after my aunt I reckon as the best cook in the World :)

I have no idea how many of you out there are fond of macaroni baked with chicken but the secret recipe is here to share.

Macaroni Baked with Chicken Recipe

  • boneless chicken pieces
  • 1 packet of elbow macaroni
  • spring onions, cabbage, capsicum (amount optional) 
  • 1 cup corn
  • 100gms Maida (flour) 
  • 100gms butter
  • 250ml milk
  • 250gms cheese (for every 1 packet of macaroni)
  • pepper and salt (to taste)
  • red chilli (one or two)

Marinate the chicken pieces with tikka or tandoori masala and fry it in a little oil. While doing this also boil the macaroni's and if you are adding veggies (i usually just use corn), once done keep them aside.

After this i prepare a white sauce which is made out of a mixture of Maida (flour), butter and milk.

You take the 100gms butter and heat it in the pan for a while, once melted you add the 100gms maida (flour) and fry it on a slow fire in the butter.

Once they both are mixed and fried good enough very slowly add the 250ml of milk. Keep stirring all this while so the mixture may remain smooth and not have lumps.

Once mixed then add some pepper and salt and crushed red chillies. After all this make the 250gms cheese slab in 2 and add half in the sauce (the rest can be used to garnish the top with a layer of cheese). 

On completing the sauce add the macaroni's, chicken and whatever vegetables you have used to it and mix well. Remove the mix in a baking tray and bake till the cheese on the top starts to melt. Evviva!!! 

la maccheroni acquolina in bocca e formaggio รจ pronto


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