Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bored at Work? Try These Out

Yes! there are days at office when the work just keeps pilling in but there are also times when you just can't seem to pass time. The option of using Facebook and Twitter are there but with time their presence weavers away.

Well friends, when times like this come your way do try giving the following sites a try as well, i assure you that they will not let you down. 


Reddit is a paradise for those who suffer from extreme boredom at work, this site is so addictive that many employers in the US had to specifically shut it down in their offices.  

Though the first impression of this site may make you think that its just a worthless piece of shit but once you indulge into it, well you just don’t stop reading.

It serves as a social news site which has tons of subcategories my favorite ones being Ask Reddit  TODAYILEARNED, WTF, Soccer……. The list just goes on.

You can sign up here quite easily and indulge in up voting stories, debates, comments etc. visit Reddit.

Yes this is America's no.1 crack site, and trust me when you go through it you will be rolling around in laughter.

The site has several categories on which it offers top 10 lists write ups, my personal favorite list is:
8 Simple Questions you won’t believe Science Can’t Answer.

I Waste So Much Time

The clock just does not seem to strike six in your office and you have tried about everything to pass time, well give this site a try to pass the last couple of hours and I assure you your Boss will be happy with the fact that you are giving extra time.

This a major addictive site which includes funny gifs, messages, pictures and stuff like that which you just want to keep on going through, till the end.  

If you are not into reading then this site is the best option. 

Don’t know about you, but I am a big Harry Potter fan. Have read all the books (a countless number of times), watched all the movies and now am a Fan of Pottermore, which is a site run and managed by Rowling herself.

Here you get to relive all the years Harry spent at Hogwarts and in the muggle world with the author offering more insight about different characters and events. 

The site is fully Flash operated, which truly leaves you mesmerized. You can Sign up for it here: Potttermore