Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Facial Expressions through Words

An average human being has a vocabulary of understanding the meaning of more than 10,000 words in English, yet there are times when we seem to be lost when it comes to communicating with people.

I enjoy reading mostly fictional books and the one thing why they keep me hooked is because I am always intrigued over how the authors outlines the emotion of every characters through mere words.

At times i need to go through my pocket dictionary to find the meaning to certain words which are new for me but i feel they really give life to the different characters, if the author would use a word not best to describe the characters emotion, the entire scene would become hell boring.

Listed here are such words which have either inspired me while reading or else the pronunciation of which has caught my ear and i like using them while describing someone or something. Hope you too can benefit from them and increase your vocabulary.

Alluring: attractive in the desirable way.
Black: being angry or sad.
Blissful: showing a state of utter happiness.
Doleful: sad or afflicted.
Glowering: angry or annoyed.
Peeved: annoying (i think this was inspired through Harry Potter) :p
Quizzical: confused or questioning
Sanguine: bloodthirsty.
Vacant: stupid looking or completely blank.
Withering: devastated and weak
Bilious: ill-natured

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