Friday, 12 July 2013

Golden Era of Indian Cricket

I encountered a remarkable ICC Champions Trophy Final (though due to rain, play was downsized to 20 overs per innings) which was played against the host team England and India.

The Indian team who emerged victorious at the end of the day put up a classical display and this time around it was their underrated bowling which gave them the breakthrough.
While 1.241 billion people rejoiced over this triumph I was back on my couch shouting curses towards the Indian team who yet gain triumphed in a major cricketing tournament.

Being a Pakistani fan (who I thought would at least reach the finals this year) I was really sad when they did not manage to clear the group stages nonetheless, i think to be fair it was a well-deserved feat by the Indians to become champions.

All credit for the performance of the Indian team goes to their skipper Dhoni, who according to me is a freaking genius, a captain who leads from the front, trusts the capability of the players and at the end of the day does his job well both by keeping wickets and with the bat.

Besides him India has the strongest batting line-up in the world at the moment, even their lower order batsmen who are mainly bowlers have proper batting temperament (Ashwin went on to deny Australia a win in the test series by batting through two sessions).

Well I am not a die-hard Indian Team fan but looking at this young and talented Indian side there is only thought which crosses my mind that at the moment they are the best one-day and T-Twenty team in the world.
Well guys, what do you think about this? Please share your views and reviews and also state your arguments in the comment box below.

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