Thursday, 12 December 2013

Celibacy in the Clergy

 Celibacy in the Clergy - Grace from God or Madness

In the Roman Catholic Church the undermining of celibacy for the clergy that which is undertaken by priests, deacons and bishops is not possible for the many people and also other religions to digest, as they fail to understand what it really symbolizes.

Celibacy of the Clergy is an abandonment of marriage, for those who are in line to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders (for those who choose to follow a religious life)

Hence people who wish to step into this life need to get a formal formation which lasts for many years, living their life in the seminary (a training college for priests) discerning if this is their call, at the end of which an ordination process takes place where the candidates take a vow of chastity, indiscretion of which is considered to be a grievous sin and sacrilege.

Though many Fundamentalists today argue upon this “mandatory celibacy” followed by the Western Church, the Encyclical (a papal letter to the Roman Catholic Church) of Pope Paul the VI named “SACERDOTALIS CAELIBATUS” made it clear to the World how it’s of vital essence for the priests to be ordained to be celibate.

In his introduction he went on to share what the world thought of celibacy, a portion of which you can see cited below:

"Amid the modern stirrings of opinion, a tendency has also been manifested, and even a desire expressed, to ask the Church to re-examine this characteristic institution. It is said that in the world of our time the observance of celibacy has come to be difficult or even impossible."
You can read the entire document Here

So is celibacy a true Grace which comes from God?             
Just recently on the 9th of December 2013 three new priests were ordained to serve the Archdiocese of Karachi, all formerly belonging to the Redemptoris Mater Seminary which operates under the auspices of the Neocatecumanal Way.

The ceremony and rite was this time around held in Our Lady of Fatima Parish Karachi which is celebrating this year 50 years of service as a parish. His Grace Arch Bishop Joseph Coutts and Emeritus Bishop Evarist Pinto who were accompanied by an array of priests as well as Parish Priest Fr. Luis were the main celebrants of the Mass.

I seen that the priests ordained formerly Joshua Rangel, John Hugo Paul and James Borge were full of Spirit and eager to sacrifice themselves to God and for the people. While taking their vows, they all were filled with the zeal for the love of Christ, which i pray always remains in them and through them pours out to the others.

This sign was enough to convince me that truly the Celibacy is something sacred and yet a Grace from God for which not everyone is called. 

Do place your comments as what are your views towards celibacy of the clergy. 


  1. Priests have misused this rite/grace of God. You must have heard a lot about child abuse by the clergy leave alone the priests even the nuns are reportedly found involved. I was happy when U.N. took notice of child abuse and ordered Vatican to present the culprits. Not aware of current updates though.


    The only celibacy I see is in my parish of priests such as "Fr. Canis, Fr. Robbie, Luis and James".

  2. Quite rightly agree with you bro but you must remember there is only one Sinless person who came on Earth and that was Jesus Christ, besides him no one else can claim they have not sinned.

    Therefore the priest like us experience temptations and are weak, this is what many of us fail to grasp "that everyone is human" prone to error.

    The abuses are a scar and I agree with you but then, we are no one to judge bro St. James says there is only on judge who is able to save and destroy.

    Bro there are many stances that the U.N. has against the Church but by presenting the culprits will abuses stop (The problem is with the heart of man - which needs to be cleansed) only signs of love and unity can do that.

  3. Beautifully explained. It's true everyone sins. That gives me no right to condemn the clergy but many lives and families have been destroyed by such acts of the clergy. And those families are in complete denial to accept anything good coming their way. Especially from the church.

    1. I personaly know a few people who are in such situation but then they are underlining one main objective of Christianity "the forgiveness" also this alone outlines what Christ means when he says "love your enemies"


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