Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Meaning of Advent

As Christmas approaches, the atmosphere starts to get more vibrant, colorful and merry as families engross themselves in making sweets and goodies while children start preparing for carol evenings and shopping out for clothes. 

During this time majority of us do not even realize that we are in midst of the advent season, which is thought by many as a time given by the church as preparation for Christmas!

Majority of us are on the right page that it’s a time which prepares us for Christmas, but hold on it’s not that all alone!  

Maranatha (come Lord Jesus)

This is what the Church responds to, during the four weeks of advent which comes to start a new Liturgical Year. 

Traditionally the first two weeks of advent the church directs us towards the Second Coming of Christ, towards the eschatological times.

Only after the passage of these two weeks does the church start to prepare for the first coming of Christ.  When I say Church I mean the whole community as in all the Christians.

Hence this is the time ideally when we need to start decorating our houses, streets, societies etc. the time when we should start making the sweets (a time which majority of us love the most)

So friends let’s make this Advent a little different and engross ourselves in prayer while in the due time enjoy ourselves.

P.S. We are planning to go for door by door carol singing this advent season, so anyone up can tag along (practices will be scheduled for it accordingly)  

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