Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wake UP!!!

Pakistan is my Homeland, where lies my identity my personality, a place which defines me to the fullest.

I always have this patriotic approach towards my country and this is the reason why the recent terrible incident in Peshawar left me devastated and in complete shock. I felt the pain of all those who had passed away and the suffering of those who had just bodies to bury, to me came the thought that today in history (which has been black in the past “annexation of east Pakistan”) Pakistan has lost 148 of its innovators, leaders, and businessmen in short lost its future.

But how does this imply to me, a person residing in Karachi?? Which is miles away from Peshawar! Does this affect me in any way? Yes my humanity demands justice and to grieve for these poor souls who were massacred, demands me to go to the nearest social network and make my statement, demands me to make my DP (display picture) black and then what! Does it end there?

Yes, sadly for most of us it does, as we start to digest this incident as just another act of terror in a country plagued with such a menace. In short we have become a failed society where such things are given a normalized outlook.

It was SAD to see that business yesterday were full and running, offices were observing silences but were operating full-on, lawns did not want to miss on business thus they were running and me being the biggest hypocrite of them all indulged in my own life as usual.

We have become traditional Pakistani’s who like playing the blame game (is ki topi us par) WAKE UP PEOPLE! Because soon it’s going to be you and me next! Its high time now to open our eyes and see.