Thursday, 29 January 2015

We all are One

The Church is a universal body comprised of all kinds of individuals, the young, old, weak, stupid, poor you name it all have the same distinction, there is no such thing as elite class or lower class or Urdu speaking or English, each individual is under one denomination, which is of a Christian.

I touch this topic today because of some unusual misconception, which is spread amongst the minds of the Christians in Karachi, especially the youth who have deemed the parishes they belong to a kind of haven where if you are not a parishioner, hmmm you are an alien.

Do not get me wrong but I am not pointing out to any particular individual and also this issue may not be the case with the majority of the people, none the less it’s an issue which is quite engraved in almost everyone.
Is there a difference between a person from Fatima Parish and someone from St. Lawrence? You would say obviously not!! But in everyday dealing, just give it a thought how many times we have all used this phrase that we are for example Fatima Boys!!!!

Fatima Boys, yes for sure but first, we are Christian brothers and when you are a Christian there is no distinction of parishes.

You all might be wondering that this article is a waste of time and words, but give it a thought we all have this inside us, may we belong to any parish (personally even I have this inside me). So let’s start behaving like Christians my friends and be united firstly and then move on to other things.

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